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Rothwell Recipes: Chunky Monkey Ice Cream

CHUNKY MONKEY ICE CREAM: a healthier take on the traditional ice cream favorite. This recipe comes from Rothwell MMA member Amber. She says “while the kids eat regular ice cream, I can feel less guilty about eating this recipe.” Try it today and don’t be afraid to substitute ingredients to your taste. Serving Size: 1 INGREDIENTS: […]

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Rothwell Recipes: Spring Salad

ROTHWELL RECIPES SPRING SALAD:    LIGHTEN UP THIS SPRING WITH A FRUITY KALE SALAD Ingredients: 1 cup             Kale 1 cup             Olive Oil 1 cup             Balsalmic Vinegar 1 cup             Juice of an orange 1 handful     Apples, chopped 1 full scoop  Dried Blueberries 1/4                Raisins 5-6                Walnuts Directions: 1.  Combine almond milk/water and spinach in a high-speed blender until fully blended. 2.  Add in all other […]

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Rothwell Recipes: Shamrock Shake

ROTHWELL RECIPES SHAMROCK SHAKE:     a St. Patrick’s Day favorite, made the Rothwell way. Ingredients: 1 cup             Almond Milk / Water 1 handful     Spinach 1 full scoop  Vanilla Protein, we like Organic Plant Protein Powder, Vanilla Flavor by Garden of Life 1/4                Avocado, pitted 5-6                Medjool Dates, pitted 1/4 tsp.        Pure Peppermint Extract 1/4 tsp.        Vanilla 1 handful     Ice […]

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Rothwell Recipes: Protein Bites

ROTHWELL RECIPES PROTEIN BITES:     a portable snack that boosts energy, provides protein and healthy fats, and satisfies your sweet tooth There are a variety of recipes for Protein Bites that make many “flavors.”  Use what ingredients and protein powder you have on hand.  Feel free to modify the ingredients to better suit your needs and taste. This […]

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Rothwell Recipes: Hummus and Veggies

ROTHWELL RECIPES Hummus & Veggies: a healthier alternative to chips and dip. Hummus is packed with healthy fats and protein.  Serve with a variety of veggies such as carrots, celery, peppers, cucumbers.  Keep a bowl of hummus and fresh-cut veggies in your fridge for a healthy snack.   Hummus is also great for bag lunches or while traveling.  You […]

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