• Learn how to effectively defend yourself, even if your assailants are larger, faster, or more powerful than you.
  • Empower yourself with the escape and defensive/offensive techniques needed to prevent someone from harming you.
  • Learn to fight in the street, where there are no rules.
  • Protect yourself, your children, and family- when you’re left with no other alternative.
  • Awareness strategies help identify and prevent potential attacks.
  • Basic, effective techniques that are easy to learn.
  • Realistic  solutions that require minimum effort yet gain maximum results.
  • Escape techniques, planning an escape/hiding strategy, and preparing necessary supplies.
  • Since each self-defense situation is unique, multiple variations of each defensive solution are taught:
    • standing, sitting, lying down
    • indoor and outdoor situations
    • walking/jogging
    • driving
    • how to protect your children/infants if you are being attacked
    • and many more
  • Train safely using a variety of protective equipment such as: full body suits, grappling dummies, crash pads, kick shields, focus mitts.
  • No prior experience or fitness training required, great for beginners.
  • Designed for ages 13+.



  • Currently, only Private Lessons are available.  Personalized instruction will help you achieve any of your self-defense, fitness, or martial arts goals.  These lessons are also great for those who prefer one-on-one instruction or have specialized needs.  We tailor the lesson time to your specific concerns, situations, and physical ability.  Private lessons will improve your technique dramatically and quickly. Group lessons are also available for any size group.  We can to travel to your business or group location to serve you better.  Pricing varies based on number of participants, number of sessions, and length of sessions.  Call Rothwell MMA at (262) 764-5020 to book your first lesson.