Cody Linne


Kickboxing, BJJ, MMA Coach

Professional MMA Fighter

Rothwell MMA Kickboxing Rank



Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Rank


My Accomplishments

APFC Flyweight Champion

Licensed Juvenile Martial Arts Instructor of the State of Wisconsin, DSPS.

Licensed United States Fight League youth MMA Pankration Coach.

XFC MMA Young Guns Professional Fighter

Over 10 years of Mixed Martial Arts experience.

Favorite MMA Move

Straight Armbar, Back Control

Weight Class


Professional Fight Record

7 – 1

Amateur Fight Record

4 – 2

Ring Name  

The Code Breaker


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I am a professional mixed martial artist currently signed with XFC Young Guns promotion. This is the next big step in my career and a huge opportunity to prove I belong with the best in the world. I am set to make my pro debut early 2021 in the XFC. I have been training and competing in MMA for over 9 years. I have competed in countless BJJ grappling tournaments. At the Pan American BJJ tournament, I placed 3rd two times. In the state of Wisconsin, I am ranked #1 in the amateur flyweight division.

I began coaching for Rothwell MMA in 2017. I teach youth and adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, MMA, and Youth Competition Team. I enjoy helping people improve their fitness & self-defense techniques, and coaching them inside the cage. I frequently travel with and coach the youth competition teams at their tournaments.  I am a licensed juvenile martial arts instructor of the State of Wisconsin, Department of Safety & Professional Services.  I am also an officially licensed United States Fight League youth MMA/Pankration coach. Knowing that everyday I get the opportunity to positively impact a student’s life, encourages me and keeps me motivated to be the best coach I can be.


From Cody’s 2012 member spotlight:

“I started training in 2012. Everybody at Rothwell MMA helps me and pushes me to work as hard as I can. Everyone at the gym is very nice and they are my family. They are not “like my family” – they are my family. I love everybody at the gym. The gym is my second home. It gives me confidence when the pro fighters tell me “good job” and “you’re doing great.” It’s nice how everybody at the gym knows me and my Dad. Trust me, my Dad is not easy to impress, and he is there every day supporting me. I want to be champion for sure, but I want to be champion for him. I want to impress him. I work so hard, train so much. Why do I train so much? I train so much because I want to hear him say “good job.”

MMA is the only thing I’m good at, it gives me confidence. When I miss a day of training, I get mad at myself and feel like I disappointed myself and other people. I wait all day to go to the gym.  It’s my life, it’s all I think about, it’s all I do. My goal is to be the UFC champion! I want to thank my parents for creating these opportunities for me, doing everything they can to ensure my success. Thank you to Ben Rothwell for not only coaching me but also guiding me in the right direction.”