Jordan Ruskell


Kickboxing & MMA Coach

Amateur MMA Fighter

Rothwell MMA Kickboxing Rank



Licensed Juvenile Martial Arts Instructor of the State of Wisconsin, DSPS.

Over 10 years of Mixed Martial Arts experience.

Favorite MMA Move

Thai clinch & Back Take

Weight Class


Amateur Fight Record

3 – 0


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I began my Martial Arts journey in 2011 when I stumbled across a traditional style Muay Thai gym in northern WI.  I was instantly hooked.  While visiting my hometown of Kenosha for the weekends, I trained at Rothwell MMA.  I knew I would join if/when I moved back!

After 3 years, I moved back home to Kenosha and began training at Rothwell MMA five days a week.  Coach Ben invited me to join the MMA team, which included all styles of martial arts, even though at the time I was only invested in one (stand-up).  I just couldn’t get enough.  As soon as I rounded out my skills, I took my first fight and never looked back. Martial arts has been such a journey and has played a huge role in shaping who I am today.  I have gained confidence, peace, and humility.  Martial arts also helped me lose weight and gain strength.

In 2016, I became a martial arts coach at Rothwell MMA.  I seek to inspire other students to find the same things I found in martial arts – strength, courage, confidence.  I also enjoy helping students learn how to express themselves and reduce stress through martial arts.