We would like to welcome Taylor to the Rothwell MMA instructor team! Taylor has been with us for over 2 years. In that time, she has progressed to a 4th degree blue belt in Kickboxing (soon to be purple belt). Taylor recently began her BJJ training and has progressed quickly to a 1st degree white belt. She was one of the first Kick Fit members when we started the class in 2014. Since then, her fitness knowledge increased and her passion for teaching shone through.

While Taylor is an early childhood special education teacher for KUSD, she is also looking to teach and motivate the Kick Fitters at Rothwell MMA. Taylor listened to the members suggestions and is excited to implement some new ideas in Kick Fit!¬† We are thrilled to have her with us. Taylor¬†will be teaching Kick Fit on Mondays and Friday’s.

Here is a few words from Taylor: “my journey at Rothwell MMA began in August 2014. I was intrigued and eager to learn. Little did I know, this place would become my second home and my passion. I am an avid Kick Fitter and feel privileged to be hired on to the Rothwell squad. I am beyond excited to continue to challenge myself and develop my skills as a martial artist. I am a huge fan of helping people grow and become healthier and happier versions of themselves.”

Stop by today to try a Kick Fit class with Taylor!