Today, Lana and Lindsay celebrate 2 years of being Rothwell MMA members.  They joined Rothwell MMA together and have a yearly tradition of celebrating their fitness and personal accomplishments.  You can read Lana & Lindsay’s original Member Spoltights here: Lana  &  Lindsay.  We wish Lana and Lindsay many more years of fun, fitness and friendship at Rothwell MMA!  Read below as they reflect upon the past two years. 

Lindsay: “Today marks mine and Lana’s 2 year gym-versary at Rothwell MMA.  As I look back upon the past 2 years, I’ve noticed many achievements both mentally, physically and emotionally.  I have never been this happy in my life as I am when I walk in the doors at Rothwell MMA.  All the instructors know me on a personal level and genuinely care for me.  If I’m having a bad day I can ALWAYS count on Rothwell MMA to clear my mind, from Kick Fit to personal training sessions, to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to Kickboxing.  I have built more confidence and strength than I ever thought was possible.  I am more knowledgeable about fitness, body awareness, self-defense and nutrition.  As another year approaches I plan on conquering more fears and being challenged more often.  All the instructors: Boch, Bennett, CJ and Ben, have helped challenged me and coached me thru my fears.  This gym has brought me tears, laughter, sweat and even a foul mouth but I wouldn’t change it for the world!  Lastly, this gym wouldn’t be complete without my FABULOUS gym-mates.   The love, support, and coaching of each other in ALL classes is OUT OF THIS WORLD!  I truly am blessed to be part of this Rothwell familia!! 

Lana: Today is Lindsay and my 2 year gym-versary at Rothwell MMA! Here are a few things I’ve learned during my time there:
1. Face your fears. What you can and can’t do is based on your mentality.
2. MMA fighters deserve a lot more respect than what they get. 
3. The other gym members are some of the greatest humans I have ever met.
4. It doesn’t hurt THAT bad getting hit in the face…lightly….with gloves on hahahaha! 
5. The instructors truly want you to succeed and their hearts are huge.
6. Kickboxing is the best….jabs, crosses, elbows, so many kicks, uppercuts, blocks, perries, China walls, superman punches, knees, footwork….so many things…it’s the only sport I’ve wanted to really learn and improve at
7. Jiu-jitsu is BA. I love it. I should seriously go more. Doesn’t matter how much big you are…it’s about body mechanics….
8. Everytime I walk in there I am inspired by the amount of time and effort everyone puts in to achieving their dreams and goals
9. Rothwell accepts me thick or thin LOL (I’ve lost so much weight during the last 2 years…have gained it back…lost some more….and nobody judges EVER)
10. Last but not least….I love the family atmosphere….I remember certain moments at that gym that completely blew my mind….James Boch simply asking if I was OK when I was walking into the gym one day after I had the worst day eeevvverrrrr and just knowing the instructors care about my well being (even if low key they’re like she’s craaazzzyyyy hahahaha)….I left there after my workout feeling soooo much better….conversations with Ben leaving me wondering how a person can have a heart that big and wanting one for myself haha…..CJ always always always encouraging me, believing in me and never judging me for my rolls getting in the way…meowing….complaining lol, Bennett always putting a smile on my face but he can low key destroy my life with his fighting skills hahaha, countless times the Rothwell crew has gotten together for birthdays, fights, or just because…..gahhhh it’s all great and Idk how I would have made it through school without some gym time.

Basically I love my gym….I love my familia…..and Lindsay is the best workout partner of all time. BOOM. BANG. BAM.


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