Meet Tasha!  Tasha has quickly made a home at Rothwell MMA.  She took to BJJ and is an encouragement to all the other members, especially to other female members in a male-dominated sport.  Tasha’s dedication to fitness, martial arts, and family inspires us all to do our best everyday!

Here is what Tasha has to say about her journey at Rothwell MMA: “In May of 2016 I hopped on the scale at my midwife’s office. I weighed 268 lbs at 5’10”.  A student of hers came in and began lecturing me on my weight until I was in tears. I decided that day, I needed to make a real change. I cut my diet down to 1600 calories and told my personal trainer what I was doing. He asked me to start coming to him three days a week for lifting and cardio, and coming to the gym for cardio another 3 days a week. He had my back 100%. So I listened. I dropped 20 some pounds my first month. The weight just fell off. By December 2016 I was 187 lbs, which is still overweight but I felt so much better.

In January 2017, I took a deep breath and did something I’d dreamed of…I joined an Rothwell MMA and started LCCT Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu twice per week. I kept lifting 3 days a week, still 6 days on the elliptical. Then, I added a third day, and sometimes more! LCCT Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has some of the most amazing classmates and professors ever in Luiz and Thiago.

Somewhere in there I stopped caring about the number on the scale (it’s 194 now) and the size of my jeans. I learned I can deadlift 245 lbs and counting. I’m preparing for my first Jiu-Jitsu competition and I dream about the day I can compete in MMA. I am so much more concerned with what my body can do and not as much with what does my body look to other people.

So if you’re just starting out…find your passion. Try all the classes at a gym. Meet with a trainer. Watch YouTube videos. Lifting, fighting, cardio, yoga, interval training, running, ballet, pole dancing, horseback riding, whatever. I never in a million years dreamed I’d have enough courage to walk into a MMA gym, and I will always be thankful I found Rothwell MMA!!

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