The Honaker family has been with us since 2017.  Christian, Xander, and Bella are dedicated martial artists who continue to grow their knowledge and try new techniques.

We have seen positive improvements in their attitudes, attentiveness, diligence, and team work skills.

Learn more from the Question and Answer session with the Honaker family:

Q:  Before we joined Rothwell MMA, we felt/experienced/were looking for:

 A:  Christian has always loved Martial Arts, having started Tae Kwon Do at an early age and achieving a Black Belt after many years of training had been a great accomplishment for him.   Christian was pretty sad when he could no longer continue with the demands of Tae Kwon Do based on his mental health at that time.  Xander had also been in Tae Kwon Do for several years and progressed very well. All three children needed to have an activity that they loved, and Martial Arts seemed to be the best choice based on the self-discipline it demands. Christian was by far the most excited to try another form of Martial Arts.   They have always been curious but too nervous to try MMA, but once we talked them into trying it out one time, we haven’t looked back since that first class!

Q:  Fears that have held us back before include:

 A:  The one we were worried about was Christian.  After a huge setback a few months before we joined, we were scrambling to find something that could help with Christian’s mind/mental health and body.  Christian is Autistic, has Tourettet’s and sensory processing disorder, and we weren’t sure he could keep up with the physical and mental demands of Kickboxing.

 Q:  We chose Rothwell MMA because:

 A:  Being an avid MMA fan and watching coach Ben Rothwell through the years, we were already familiar with him.  When we found out that he had a gym nearby, that made it an easy choice. Since joining, it is like we are part of an even bigger family.

 Q:  Other members are:

 A:  Amazing. We have formed some very good relationships that goes beyond the gym.

 Q:  The coaches are:

 A:  The best out there. They work with the kids so well and have taught them so much, which has given a huge boost in confidence in themselves and their abilities. This has kept their attention and has made them strive to continue and be better all the time.

 Q:  Since joining, we have learned:

 A:  Christian has made the most progress, and has recently began BJJ.  He has never been one to be close to others in terms of having to touch and roll around with someone but has enjoyed it so far.

 Q:  The progress and results we’ve seen are:

 A:  Improved confidence and self-discipline.

 Q:  The improvements we have seen in other areas of our lives (school, relationships, family) are:

 A:  The kids are now able to manage their anger better.  They can also let things go that they were not previously able to do (discipline).

 Q:  We keep coming back because:

 A:  The people are amazing here, and the caliber and range of experience across the coaches and other students means that we will always have opportunity to improve. The culture and support here is fantastic.

 Q:  We look forward to/ our goals are:

 A:  To keep improving, and work on the weaker sides of our game. Lately we’ve been working on BJJ and MMA and are enjoying working on our stand-up in Kickboxing class. Ultimately, we are working towards participating in local competitions.

Christian was hesitant about starting the teen MMA class, but hands down enjoys this the most.  Christian is thriving on learning new things in every class, he enjoys sparring with his wonderful teammates/friends. He is working hard to keep improving, and work on the weaker sides of his game. Lately he’s been focusing more on BJJ and MMA. Ultimately he is looking forward to working into competitions.  

Xander is just getting back into the swing of things.  He is really enjoying the praise and personalized attention he is getting from his coaches.

Bella is working hard at self-discipline, listening, and respect.  She is looking forward to being able to participate in more BJJ classes.  When the time is right, Bella would like to start the teen MMA class.

Q:  Other fun facts about us (talents, hobbies, other sports):

 A: Christian – XBOX gaming, and basketball

Xander – XBOX, reading, and flag football

Bella – YouTube videos, coloring, reading, and looking forward to whatever life throws at her

 Q:  What we would tell someone who was thinking about joining Rothwell MMA:

 A:  Come in and give it a try. Between the people, the team, the coaches, the facility and getting to train with the best athletes, you’ll be hooked.

 Q:  Comments & positive changes observed by parents & friends include:

 A:  The kids have developed a “never give up” attitude.

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