Caleb is an exemplary martial artist. Even with a full-time job and other responsibilities, he has been attending Kickboxing class weekly for the past 2 years. Caleb is always friendly and brings a positive attitude to class. He is more than willing to help both lower and higher ranked teammates. Caleb is a great student as well- he is willing to learn new things and push himself during training. Learn a little more about Caleb in his own words, below:

Before joining Rothwell MMA, I was looking for an MMA gym that had a strong culture, held vast knowledge in Mixed Martial Arts, valued differences and who was committed to its members. After searching gyms for multiple weeks, I decided having Rothwell MMA in my hometown was too good to pass up.

Starting something new and unknown is always easy to put off, especially when you are starting something new by yourself.  Knowing I will fulfill my commitments I forced myself into going to Rothwell’s for my first day by going to and signing up for a free trial class. I made the appointment for one week out, received a confirmation e-mail; the date was set. One week later I walked into Rothwell’s for my first day and immediately knew it was a place where I belonged. Rothwell’s staff ensured I was setup with the appropriate gear, shown around the gym and had a one-on-one basic training class. After my first day I was motivated and eager for the next class.

The members at Rothwell’s share a genuine camaraderie. They consistently support and help one another continue to learn and grow. Throughout my time at Rothwell’s I have only encountered positive individuals.

The coaches at Rothwell are proven Martial Artists who are dedicated to their craft and committed to each member of Rothwell’s. Many times, I have seen a coach fight on a Saturday; win, lose or draw they show up Monday to teach class. Ben Rothwell is a technical, inspiring individual who is genuinely invested in the members of his gym. Since meeting Ben, he has ensured I have everything I need to succeed, has been respectful, present, approachable and willing to pass off knowledge that he had to fight, sweat and bleed for. James Bochnovic echoes Ben’s commitment to Rothwell MMA and its members. James is a patient and technical instructor who has a gift to push individual further than they thought they could go. Both Ben and James know how to make each class its own. It is an honor and privilege to have Rothwell MMA in Kenosha, WI.

The progress and results I have seen are extraordinary. Before joining Rothwell’s, I had good amount of pain in my legs when doing activates due to breaking my left leg/ankle, right ankle and tearing my LCL in the past. Since joining Rothwell’s, I have noticed great improvement in core and leg strength, and in my flexibility. I believe the mobility and flexibility has helped break up scar tissue which was built up from my injuries. The core and leg strength have helped limit compensation by strengthening areas that were weakened or unstable due to ligament loss/damage. This has led to less pain in my legs and better balance/body control. Coming into Rothwell’s I thought I knew how to execute basic strikes but understood that I would most likely be quickly humbled. After being exactly that, I focused on repetition, the finer details and the willingness to be taught. This helped me quickly progress from where I started. Having said that, I have much to learn and fine tune. With all disciplines, continuous improvement is required.

I continue to go to Rothwell’s for multiple reasons including the great culture, knowledgeable/proven coaches who value the members of Rothwell MMA, and the drive to continue challenging myself mentally and physically.

Long term, I look forward to continuing my path to obtaining a Kickboxing black belt and progressing beyond that. I would like to position myself to help coach and lead others. Rothwell MMA offers classes in multiple disciplines. I would like to challenge myself in Wrestling and BJJ.

If someone is thinking about joining Rothwell MMA I would have them ask themselves “What am I waiting for?” The most difficult part is showing up. Once someone shows up for their free trial class I believe they will be as eager and motivated for the next class as I was.Q

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