Dwight has been a Rothwell MMA member for almost 4 years!  He is also a valued member of the community in his service as a police officer.  Dwight enjoys learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other ground fighting techniques.  He excels in Kickboxing class, with his preferred strikes originating from his boxing repertoire.  Dwight’s stand up game is rounded out with quick feet and powerful knees.

Read more from the man himself:   “My name is Dwight Davis and I live in Illinois. I am a twenty-two year police veteran and currently serve as a patrol commander for a Northshore police department. I have studied martial arts for more than twenty years. I joined Rothwell MMA in 2014.  I started with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and have since added Kickboxing to my training regimen. BJJ and Kickboxing both help keep me in shape and are essential training tools for my job. The aspects I love the most about Rothwell MMA are the people and instructors. My fellow gym members are friendly and the instructors are awesome teachers. 

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