Member Spotlight: Alli

Alli joined Rothwell MMA in April 2014.  She quickly made friends with all the members and adds laughter and fun to the classes.  Alli’s dedication and enthusiasm to martial arts is contagious.  She puts in the extra time and effort to hone her skills, and it shows.  She is a hard-working, optimistic role model for all women and girls in the martial arts community. 

September 12, Alli will be competing in her first Pankration match.  She has been training hard with the MMA Competition Team and is sure to bring home a victory. 

Here is Alli’s martial arts journey:    “The first time I walked through the door of Rothwell MMA, I was a 16 year old girl who found something that I felt would help me grow as a person – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

When I started at Rothwell MMA, I had just come from another gym.  They taught me the basic but I soon saw that Rothwell’s basics were far more technical.  Without being disrespectful, I feel the level of Rothwell far surpasses what I was originally taught.  It was embarrassing to me.  Many people helped me and reassured me that in time, things will come more naturally, and they have.  I was happy at how quickly I progressed, thanks to my peers and coaches!

Each day, I look forward to coming into the gym to train.  Not only am I learning new things but I get to be a part of something that has grown to be my family.  I’ve been given so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else.  Knowing that the people I train with care about and believe in me, boosts my confidence and self-esteem.

Since joining Rothwell MMA, I’ve set different goals for myself.  One of those goals is being able to fight someday.  Every day I walk into the gym, my dreams become more of a reality for me.  Since being here, I’ve been able to compete too.  I recently had an amateur Kickboxing match and now I’m training for a Pankration competition.  Another goal I would like to accomplish is to teach and inspire other girls to set and reach their goals, as I have.

I love being here and I’m very happy and honored to be a part of something this great!  The opportunities are endless here!  I love MY FAMILIA!”


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