Give your child the self-esteem and defensive skills needed to stand up for themselves. Kids ages 7+ will will develop strength, focus, and discipline while having fun!

We make exercise, hard work, and learning fun!  Rothwell MMA’s “Kickboxing” is an integration of Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Karate, & Taekwondo and has applications for self-defense, competition, and functional fitness.  Youth members, ages 7-14 years old, learn and develop their stance, footwork, and basic stand-up techniques.  This class teaches punches, elbows, knees, kicks, and defense techniques.

The 60 minute class will strengthen and condition both the bodies and minds of the students.  Students will learn how to move and control their bodies, increase strength and fitness, and improve coordination and athleticism.  They will also learn when it is appropriate to use Kickboxing techniques, how to practice self-control and respect, and to work as a cooperative team member.  These skills will not only improve students quality of life, but can enhance performance in other sports and activities.

A typical Beginner Kickboxing class begins with a warm-up, followed by a technique demonstration/lesson.  Then, students practice the technique with a partner.  Students use Thai pads, focus mitts, and/or kick shields to “catch” their partner’s punches and kicks.  The students also practice their skills on the one-of-a-kind Kickboxing bag system that includes speed, heavy, double-end, uppercut, slip, and body bags.  The unique 15-bag system allows them to work on speed, technique, and control.  During Beginner Kickboxing class, students will not get hit in the head or body – they will only hit the pads. You can learn more about our class here.

Beginner Youth Kickboxing is held on Mondays & Wednesdays from 4:30-5:30 pm. Arrive 5-10 minutes early to fill in a waiver and get a gym tour. Youth participants under age 18 must have a parent present for the first session. Please have your child wear comfortable gym clothes and bring a water bottle. We work out barefoot so you don’t need any athletic shoes.

We have a variety of membership options that vary depending on classes, length of membership, and number of family members. We recommend participating in the free trial class first. Then, we can best determine which membership will work best for you and your family.

Please reserve your child’s spot here.