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Gold Stars

Congratulations to the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gold Star recipients! These BJJ students demonstrated superior sportsmanship, listening, and participation skills.  They also have positive attitudes and are great teammates to everyone in class.  They received gold stars to sew onto their uniforms in recognition of their excellence.  Great work everyone!

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BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU with LCCT BLACK BELT GILMAR FERREIRA BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU “TAKE THE BACK” WORKSHOP: Learn how to take the back of your opponent for all positions and situations. (mount, side control, etc.) Offensive and defensive techniques broken down step by step, with meticulous detail. These advanced techniques require more time and attention than is allotted […]

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Kids BJJ Tournament

LCCT KIDS BJJ TOURNAMENT Saturday was our first practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament.  We competed against each other to reduce the pressure of a real competition.  We wanted the students to learn how a tournament works, what to expect, and discover their weaknesses.  The kids had a blast!  Now they are ready to face their competitors at other tournaments. Want to join the BJJ fun? We have […]

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Rugged Maniac Obstacle Course

RUGGED MANIAC OBSTACLE COURSE COURSE: 3-mile course 25 epic obstacles 1 rockin’ party Climb towers of shipping containers, rocket down a massive water slide, crawl through underground tunnels, leap over fire and experience some BIG new obstacles (trampolines?!)!  As if that weren’t awesome enough, before and after you run you’ll get to party with thousands of other maniacs in our […]

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Looking for Rothwell apparel?

Looking for Rothwell MMA apparel? Visit our online PRO SHOP ! * t-shirts * sweatshirts * youth items * gloves * shin guards * All items are available with Big Ben Rothwell’s autograph. Spend over $49 and receive FREE SHIPPING!  

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* Saturday April 11 * SELF-DEFENSE WORKSHOP *

      SELF-DEFENSE WORKSHOP      Mark you schedule now for April 11 from Noon-2:00pm. DATE: Saturday April 11, 2015 from Noon – 2:00 pm. EMPOWER SELF-DEFENSE: Protect yourself, your children, and family. Basic, effective techniques that are easy to learn. Learn to fight in the street, where there are no rules. Since each situation is unique, multiple […]

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