Coach Rothwell secures a submission win (via gogo choke) over Matt Mitrione tonight at UFC Fight Night New Orleans. “The only fight that matters to me now is the No. 1 contender’s spot,” Rothwell shouted. “I will have the UFC title. I know right now there’s not a man on this planet that can stop […]

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Mikes 2

Rothwell’s UFC Viewing Party @ Mike’s Sportsbook

UFC Fight Night 68 Mike’s Sportsbook & Meatbar Saturday June 6 7 pm     Cheer on Big Ben Rothwell with the Rothwell MMA family at Mike’s Sportsbook, located above Mike’s Chicken & Donuts at 707-56th Street, Kenosha, WI.  Prelims start at 7pm, Main card begins at 9pm.  Stop by for great food, drinks, and entertainment!

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BJJ Side Control


BJJ SIDE CONTROL WORKSHOP with LCCT BLACK BELT GILMAR FERREIRA BJJ WORKSHOP: Work on gaining and maintaining side control positions. Offensive and defensive mount techniques broken down step by step, with meticulous detail. These advanced techniques require more time and attention than is allotted in regular BJJ classes at Rothwell MMA. WHEN? Saturday May 16, […]

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Gold Stars

Congratulations to the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gold Star recipients! These BJJ students demonstrated superior sportsmanship, listening, and participation skills.  They also have positive attitudes and are great teammates to everyone in class.  They received gold stars to sew onto their uniforms in recognition of their excellence.  Great work everyone!

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