Get your child off to a healthy start in 2019!

Give your child the self-esteem and skills needed to stand up for themselves. Your child will will develop strength, focus, and discipline while having fun! Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a strategic, relatively nonviolent self-defense system. It utilizes leverage, locks, and holds that can neutralize a bigger, stronger opponent. Effective self-defense skills are taught while promoting […]

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*NEW* Teen Pankration Class Starts October 1st!

WHAT IS PANKRATION? “Pankration” translates to “all powers” or one who has “complete power” over his enemies.  Pankration is an ancient Greek sport that combined wrestling, boxing, and kicking.  Pankration was added to the 33rd Olympic games in the year 648 BC.  It began as a violent sport but slowly added rules and restrictions, thus allowing young […]

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