For the past 2 years, Matt has been a dedicated Kickboxing member at Rothwell MMA. In that time, we have seen a drastic improvement in his martial arts skills and his high school grades and performance.  We also noticed a boost in Matt’s confidence and a more outgoing personality.  We know this is just the start of Matt’s martial arts journey and cannot wait to see what the future holds for him!

Here is Question and Answer session with Matt:

Q: Before I joined Rothwell MMA, I felt/experienced/was looking for/was going through:

A: I wanted to get in shape and lose some weight.

Q: Fears that have held me back before include:

A: The social aspect of it.

Q: I found Rothwell MMA through (a friend, online, etc.):

A: My mom and dad.

Q: My free trial class/first day made me feel:

A: Tired but happy.  I felt good about myself.

Q: I chose Rothwell MMA because:

A: I was looking for a challenging workout.

Q: Other members are:

A: Supportive and friendly.

Q: The coaches are:

A: Good motivators and are encouraging.

Q: Since joining, I have learned:

A: Discipline and confidence.

Q: The progress and results I’ve seen are:

A: I lost 60 pounds and am learning to defend myself.

Q: The improvements I have seen in other areas of my life (school, relationships, family) are:

A: More confidence and I’m happy.

Q: I keep coming back because:

A: I’m competitive and looking for a great workout.

Q: I look forward to/my goals are:

A: Getting my Kickboxing black belt and competing in my first amateur fight.

Q: My favorite move/position is:

A: Round House Kick.

Q: Other fun facts about me (talents, hobbies, other sports):

A: I enjoy hanging out with my friends in my spare time.

Q: What would you tell someone who was thinking about joining Rothwell MMA?

A: Rothwell MMA is a good environment, offering a great workout, with great people.

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