Dani is a dedicated martial artist who is continuously improving her Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills. She quickly made friends at Rothwell MMA and always welcomes and assists new students. Dani is often found supporting team members at various competitions, seminars, and events. Dani’s positive & outgoing attitude are contagious! Learn more from the Question and Answer session with Dani:

Q: Before I joined Rothwell MMA, I was looking for:

A: Before joining Rothwell I had just gotten back from living in Korea for 7 years. I was having major reverse culture shock and wanted to try something I always wanted to learn: a martial art.

Q:  Fears that have held me back before include:

A:  I think a major fear I had before was having people touch me. I experienced not so good things when it came to physical contact, especially the past few years. It took me awhile to get over that apprehension, especially towards other women… and I thought I would always be stuck working only with girls (most guys think girls want to work with girls but I have bad experiences with girls so I was scared of this.) Funny thing is my main training partner is a girl, haha .

Q: I chose Rothwell MMA because:

A:  My brother actually found Rothwell MMA online. I had no idea who Ben was but I knew the name Rothwell because I grew up with his niece riding horses with me.

Q: My first day:

A: My first day happened to land on Halloween so my class was small. I felt relieved because the two boys who showed up drilled together and I basically got a one on one with the instructor. I loved it right away and signed up for a year membership that night. Turned out, several people at the gym know some of my family members which made me feel more comfortable talking with them.

Q: I chose Rothwell MMA because:

A:  I chose Rothwell MMA because it was exactly what I was looking for: quality instruction, fun and friendly members, and a constant push and drive from everyone to do better. There have been times when I’ve gotten upset with myself but no one else has ever made me feel like I wasn’t good enough or couldn’t do something.

Q:  Other members are:

A:  Other members are wonderful. We often say we are Rothwell family, and it really feels like that. I can be open and honest with most everyone I train with. We all strive to help each other improve.

Q:  The coaches are:

A:  The coaches are very diverse. The dynamic always makes for an entertaining class.

Q: Since joining, I have learned:

A:  Since joining, I have learned to be more confident in myself. I have also learned that I’m getting old and being sore everyday is real, haha

Q: The progress and results I’ve seen are:

A:  The progress and results I’ve seen are in my desire to be healthier in all aspects of my daily life. I also notice slow but sure progress every time I roll with someone. These past few weeks, many of my partners have praised my progress which is a big encouragement.

Q: The improvements I have seen in other areas of my life are:

A:  Improvements in other areas of my life include having more energy to get things done. I have also noticed improvement in my balance which has helped when riding my horse. My boss always jokes and says he has to check me for bruises. I also have had interesting interactions due to me wearing Rothwell shirts: the staff at the post office always ask me when my next fight will be, I always say never. Strangers ask me if I’m a fighter and get super impressed. It’s always fun to see people’s reactions.

Q: I keep coming back because:

A:  I keep coming back because 1. I’m stubborn and 2. I might be a little addicted.

Q:  My goals:

A:  My goals are to consistently improve and to master my technique so much so that even the big boys would have a hard time rolling with me.

Q:  My favorite move/position is:

My favorite move would probably have to be the wrestler pass: stapling the legs to the ground and basically throwing your hip into your opponent as you establish side control. I think I like it so much cause every time I do it my opponent always grunts, my hips are like a sledge hammer.

Q: Other fun facts about me:

A: I have a twin who actually was the reason I started Jiu-Jitsu. She started while we were in Korea and seemed to like it so much I wanted to try. I studied animal science at university and some day want to own a cattle ranch in Texas. I am very eccentric and like everything which is why I probably never master one thing. I love working with my hands and would love to be able to work outside all day. As for my creative side, I love music, can play the trumpet, I enjoy photography, sketching, and just about any medium of art. I even took a metals class at college; while all the art majors were making jewelry, I was making metal cow sculptures. I taught high school science in Korea, lived in Australia before Korea, and have traveled to many other countries. My secret skill is annoying other gym members with my Korean language skills. I currently work as an electrical calibration technician. 

Q: What I would tell someone who was thinking about joining Rothwell MMA:

A:  To anyone thinking about joining Rothwell MMA: any worries or fears you may have will quickly disappear. You will love it here, and if you don’t I hope it’s not because of me^^ But seriously, this gym has always accepted me as I am and cares enough about me to push me to progress.

Q: Comments & changes observed by family & friends include:

A:  Although I haven’t noticed, my friends and family have told me I’m looking more fit. They also enjoy all the stories I share with them.

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