Meet our newest featured member, Gina Mengo!  Gina has been a spunky, energetic member of our Kickboxing program since early 2015.  She is an orange belt, working on her green belt, and is always willing to help teach basics to the newer students.  Gina is part of the Rothwell MMA rec volleyball team and can be found cheerleading for the MMA Team at many events.  We are so glad that Gina is a part of Rothwell MMA. 

In Gina’s words: If you knew me, you would know that I am the absolute last person you’d expect to see ‘train’ at the gym.  Two in a half years ago, on a whim, a very exhausted, stressed out mother and full-time college student decided to give Kickboxing a whirl.  You get smacked with positive vibes the moment you walk in the doors at Rothwell MMA.  I was sold based on the quality atmosphere alone and; therefore, enrolled instantly.

The instructors at Rothwell MMA are not only of professional grade, but they are extremely knowledgeable, highly motivated and just all-around awesome.  They have, individually and collectively, offered me incredible guidance throughout the years and now the gym is simply my home away from home for a few hours a week.

To this day, I am a very proud member of the Rothwell familia.  I urge anyone looking to change up their mundane day-to-day routine to check it out! You only live once, you might as well be a badass!


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