Anthony ‘Gino’ Jacob


Youth BJJ, Youth Kickboxing, BJJ Coach

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Licensed Juvenile Martial Arts Instructor of the State of Wisconsin, DSPS.

Over 6 years of Mixed Martial Arts experience.

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Before my journey began to being a Martial Artist….. I was really out of shape and mentally unhappy of who I was as a person at one point in my life. I have tried many ways of changing all that from going to several gyms to seeing what they had to offer and also trying to change the way I was eating. Nothing wasn’t really cutting it. I wasn’t having fun just going to the gym and just lifting weights for the heck of it and going home right after. I needed to be doing some sort of activity or sport if I wanted to change myself. A buddy of mine recommended kickboxing to me because he trains it and offered to train me at his house but only on his own time. Turns out we were not on the same schedule so I stopped waiting for him to call and decided to go and check out Rothwell MMA.

When I first showed up to Rothwell MMA, I had zero knowledge and background of any Martial Arts and I had a lot of thoughts thinking I would just get the crap kicked out of me. Needless to say I was pretty nervous but all of that changed instantly when I met Jen and Gilmar at the front desk and Ben, James and then everyone else later on and was welcomed as if I was a part of the family already. I then took my first class and was hooked. Everyone was very friendly and the instructors were very helpful and it really gave off a fun/family oriented vibe and that’s when I knew I wanted to continue my Martial Arts journey here at the gym. I enjoy doing both Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kick Fit classes. I also enjoying doing private lessons with James Bochnovic which has been money well spent for me and has helped me out a lot! I HIGHLY recommend looking into a private lesson with the instructors whether if you need some overtime on a technique you had trouble with in class or if you need help with fitness and changing your diet, the instructors will be there to help you out.

One year later, I am still a proud member of the gym who’s life has changed a little bit. I was 318 pounds when I first started and now I dropped down to 267 pounds. 40+ pounds lost! Which brings me closer to my goal of 230 pounds. Another goal I have set for myself is being able to fight one day and with the help and honor of being able to train with Pro and Amateur fighters everyday I know that one day I can accomplish goal. Joining Rothwell MMA was probably the best decision I have made in my life so far I will continue to see where my journey as a Martial Artist will have to offer later on down the road. It’s amazing to know how much you can accomplish when you set your mind to what you want and surround yourself with an awesome core of individuals.

I began coaching for Rothwell MMA in 2019 and enjoy teaching adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Youth Kickboxing.  I am a licensed juvenile martial arts instructor of the State of Wisconsin, Department of Safety & Professional Services.