Defense Soap Body Wipes

Defense Soap body wipes are multi-purpose:

Defense Soap body wipes are a useful tool to keep in the car. They clean, condition, & disinfect leather (seats, boxing gloves, etc) with tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils. They are also great for spills, sticky hands, or for post-workout sweat angels left on the seats.

Rothwell MMA is proud to carry a variety of Defense Soap products. Stop by today to get your multi-purpose wipes.

The secret of Defense Soap:

Defense Soap contains two of nature’s most powerful antimicrobial essential oils: Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Oil.  These oils have been clinically shown to control the types of skin bacteria, fungus and viruses known to cause infections*.  Tea tree oil is well known throughout Europe and Australia for these benefits:

• Antibacterial (cures and protects against bacterial infections)Defense Soap Bar
• Antimicrobial (kills microbes  that cause severe tropical fevers and malaria)
• Antiseptic (protects existing wounds from infection)
• Antiviral
• Balsamic (promotes absorption of nutrients and protects from disease)
• Cicatrisant (heals wounds quickly and reduces scarring)
• Expectorant (relieves cough, cold, congestion, bronchitis)

Defense Soap products contain a full 2% concentration of tea tree and eucalyptus oils.  These natural essential oils support the cleaning process and help athletes deal with the problems caused by mat grime, equipment funk, locker room grunge and skin-to-skin contact.

Essential fatty acids in Defense Soap contributes to the conditioning, lathering and cleansing qualities.  The higher the percentage of emollients the better.  It’s also one reason why a Defense Soap bars will last a lot longer than an average bar of soap.

*Under FDA product guidelines Defense Soap cannot make any claims that their natural bar can prevent or treat skin infections. However, that doesn’t prevent their customers from talking about their experiences using it.  To find out what they think of Tea Tree and Eucalyptus infused soap and what they are saying about ringworm, staph, impetigo, herpes, jock itch and athletes’ foot, click here.  Defense Soap recommends that you be the judge and do your own research before making any decisions regarding your health or the health of young athletes. For a free sample and more information contact Defense Soap here.


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