What makes Rothwell MMA different from other gyms?

Family. We are all here to help one another progress as martial artists, not prove how tough we are. You will not get hit or be “fighting” another member. When you walk in the door, all your worries and stress should dissolve.  Our main goal is for everyone to have fun while safely learn self-defense.  Frequently, we hold tournaments, celebrations, and picnics for all members to get to know one another better.  We cheer for each other at competitions, and get together to watch Big Ben Rothwell fight in the UFC.  Our world-class instructors will show you why we are one of the top martial arts gyms in the world. Whether you are looking to learn self-defense, get fit, have fun, or compete – we have a class for you.  We offer self-defense and martial arts for the entire family:

  • Kid’s Kickboxing
  • Kid’s Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu
  • Adult Kickboxing
  • Adult Kick Fit
  • Adult Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu
  • Adult Mixed Martial Arts
  • Adult MMA Competition Team
  • Private Lessons

Rothwell MMA coaches are professional athletes with years of experience, victories, and reputable certifications.  Learn from the Best of the Midwest!

Ben Rothwell:

  • Heavyweight Fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)
  • Currently ranked Top Four MMA Heavyweights of the world
  • MMA and Kickboxing Coach with over 15 years of experience

Luiz Claudio:

  • Fourth degree Rickson Gracie Black Belt
  • BJJ World Champion
  • Over 20 years of experience

Thiago Veiga:

  • Third degree Rickson Gracie Black Belt
  • Over 20 years of experience

Rothwell MMA welcomes members of all ages and abilities, and forges them into athletes with the confidence, discipline, and skills of a true marital artist.  We use state-of-the-art equipment, bag systems, and Zebra mats which cannot be found in any other gym. With the help of Defense Soap, our gym is the cleanest in the country.  Once you try a class, you’ll quickly realize why we were voted “MMA Gym of the Month” by  Don’t just take our word for it, read about some of our members in the Member Spotlight posts.