Dress Code

Dress Code will be strictly enforced for the safety and enjoyment of all club members:

  • Kickboxing uniform includes 16 oz. boxing gloves, shin guards, Rothwell MMA shirt, choice of shorts/pants, and Kickboxing belt.  Shorts must be in length to your fingertips.
  • BJJ gi uniform includes Rothwell MMA gi jacket, gi pants, gi belt.
  • All uniforms must be clean and free of tears, holes, cuts, fraying, body odor.
  • Remove all jewelry and hats.
  • This is a barefoot gym; please remove shoes before entering training area.  Defense Soap Foot Baths are required for entry to all classes.
  • Proper hygiene is of utmost importance.  Please be free of personal body odor, pull long hair back, trim nails, etc.

For your safety, only equipment approved and offered by Rothwell MMA is allowed.  A variety of equipment packages are available in the pro shop.


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