Member Spotlight: The Marler Family

Member Spotlight on the Marler Family! Katie and her twin boys have been attending classes as a family for over two years.  The boys are helpful students who are now able to help guide the newer students.  Katie is an encouraging woman who motivates others both inside and outside of class.  She leads many special groups and activities at Rothwell MMA as well.  We are lucky to have the Marler’s at Rothwell MMA!

Jack & Aidan’s experience at Rothwell MMA: “My boys have always been amazing, but bringing them to kickboxing has brought upon a huge change. Jack and Aidan are more confident and responsible. And this is seen in their schoolwork as well. They are proud to have both earned 4th degree yellow belts and are looking forward to their next challenge. Jack and Aidan are proud to call themselves kick boxers and I’m proud to join them in this journey, both on and off the mat.”

Katie’s amazing transformation: “Hi everyone! I am Katie Marler. I practice Kick Fit and kickboxing nearly every chance I get, and usually make 5-6 nights a priority doing so. Another member asked me try a Kick Fit class with her and before I knew it, I was in love! My twin 9 year old boys, Aidan and Jack joined too. They are now in kickboxing with forth degree yellow belts! I just earned my yellow belt in the sport too.

This gym is unlike any other gym I’ve ever been to. It is like an entire family of like minded individuals looking to promote themselves within the sport-to do and be better every day. It’s my first tenant. Be supportive. My journey has been long and well worth every minute. And the journey I’m on, doesn’t ever end.  It’s been a little over 2 years since I began attending Rothwell MMA on a regular basis. To date, I have lost nearly 70 pounds! I can feel my hipbones now, see the muscles in my shoulders and chest, and can feel the difference in my back. I feel so much better and have quite a bit more energy to share. I’ve also been told I bring positive energy here when I come. What I can tell you is that I become ridiculously proud for any of us kick fitters after a goal has been reached.

The trainers here know their stuff and I’m never afraid to ask for help or ask when I have a concern. Kudos to them!! The friendships I’ve made along the way are priceless and we always find time to hang out to celebrate these accomplishments. Not only that, but I’ve put together an annual Rothwell Volleyball Team at Rivals, organized group training for the Rothwell Rugged Maniac Team, and recruited runners for the Veterans Day run, among other things.  Amazing people work, train, and love here. And I wouldn’t change it for anything. Come join us! FAMILIA OSSSSS!

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