Member Spotlight: Sue & Peyton

Our next featured members are Sue and Peyton. They have been Rothwell MMA members since 2014 and Sue is one of the founding Kick Fit members! This mother-daughter duo brighten everyone’s day with their friendly smiles, jokes, and positive attitudes. Read more about their journey below.

Sue says, Back in late summer of 2014 I was looking for a gym where my 9 year old daughter could take kid’s BJJ classes. I was referred to Rothwell and as soon as we walked through the door, Peyton and I knew this was the right place for her. Peyton is now 11 and loves BJJ. I cannot say enough about what this gym has done for her. She’s growing into a strong, confident young lady. I couldn’t be more proud and neither can she. I love to see her face when she tells people that she takes BJJ classes at Rothwell. She may not know exactly what it is that makes her love it so much, but one day she’ll know that all the confidence she’s feeling and the mental and physical strength she’s gained is due in large part to Rothwell MMA. 

After Peyton had been attending classes for about a month, I decided I would try Rothwell’s fitness class. I’ve been a member of the Kick Fit class since OCT 2014 and plan to be a member of the class for as long as it’s available. I have been a gym member for the majority of my adult life. Never, have I ever felt as comfortable as I do at Rothwell. From day one we were treated like family. I’ve seen changes in not just my body but also in the way I carry myself and in my overall attitude as well. The positivity that consumes the Rothwell gym is infectious. I try to get to classes a few days a week. When I miss them, I can tell and so can my family. I need my gym time. My time at the gym is MY time. ME time. Rothwell, in some ways, is my safe place. It’s an hour out of the day where I can forget about all the crazy that is happening at work or with running a family of 5 or whatever else is going on that day. It’s a place where everyone is working towards the same goal – to become the best version of ourselves. It’s a place where I can go and I know I’ll be encouraged and pushed and supported. I could go on and on…   

I was honored when Jen said she wanted to feature Peyton and me in the Member Spotlight. I could not be more proud to support this gym and all it encompasses. Ben and Jen are amazing people. Peyton and I are both very fortunate to be a part of the Rothwell family.” 

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