Member Spotlight on Emily

Since early 2016, Emily has been an avid student of mixed martial arts. She jumped right into Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing. Later, she put it all together in the Teen MMA class. Emily quickly makes friends with new students and is a fierce competitor. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this young warrior! Learn more from the Question and Answer session with Emily:

Q: Before I joined Rothwell MMA, I was looking for:

A: I joined because I would normally just go home after school and be lazy. I gained weight and my parents encouraged me to join a sport.

Q:  Fears that have held me back before include:

A:  Before, I was concerned about being an outsider. After a few classes at Rothwell MMA, I felt at home.

Q: My first day:

A: My first day was somewhat awkward because I didn’t know anyone but I made friends fast.

Q: I chose Rothwell MMA because:

A:  I chose Rothwell MMA because I had fun and my parents felt safer that I would learn how to protect myself.

Q:  Other members are:

A:  Other members are wonderful! We often say we are Rothwell family, and it really feels like that. I can be open and honest with most everyone I train with. We all strive to help each other improve.

Q:  The coaches are:

A:  The coaches are hands on and help me learn the technique and reason for a particular move. They also show me how to make corrections.

Q: Since joining, I have learned:

A:  Since joining, I have learned a variety of Kickboxing, BJJ, and MMA moves.

Q: The progress and results I’ve seen are:

A:  I have lost weight and learned how to protect myself.

Q: The improvements I have seen in other areas of my life are:

A:  My schoolwork and attention have improved because now I have something to earn (so I can keep coming to class.)

Q: I keep coming back because:

A:  I keep coming back because I feel safe here and like learning MMA with my friends.

Q:  My goals:

A:  My goals are to learn new moves and continue to improve my fitness.

Q:  My favorite move/position is:

My favorite kickboxing move is a spinning back fist.

Q: Other fun facts about me:

A: I like to watch car racing with my family. I am good at coding and enjoy playing volleyball too. 

Q: What I would tell someone who was thinking about joining Rothwell MMA:

A:  Join! You will make new friends and see results fast.

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