Member Spotlight: Jerad

Member Spotlight: Jerad

Member Spotlight: Jerad


Jerad is a new member and also the founder of the Evil Smiley Running Club.  For the past two years, Rothwell MMA has collaborated with his club throughout the Southeast Wisconsin community.  Within only a short time, Jerad became “hooked” on MMA.

Jerad says: ” [It] used to be 5 mile runs were the only thing to get my fitness high, and refocus/recenter…… but for the past 4 weeks I’ve been training in kickboxing classes at Rothwell MMA. I work ten times harder in there and sweat ten times more. In a setting like that you don’t want to cheat yourself or slow down in a room of 30 other people. I’m the biggest (fattest) dude in there and don’t want anyone to think i’m slacking. Holds me accountable. The instructors include Head instructor and UFC Heavyweight Ben Rothwell, with assisting instructors local 6th grade teacher and mma fighter James Bochnovic and UFCs The Ultimate Fighter 19 participant Todd Monaghan. The atmosphere is friendly and disciplined. There are no egos here. I have never felt better physically and mentally as I do when I leave this gym and walk to my truck to go home after a long day at work. As a long time MMA fan, sometimes it’s hard not to geek out at the fact that actual UFC fighters are looking me dead in the eyes and teaching me technique and combos I used to only watch on PPV events. And as a soldier, hitting pads with combos till my arms feel like their going to fall off and my lungs expanding to exhaustion hits my PTSD with a 1,2,3,2,5,4 and gives me a sense of accomplishment and peace.
I simply signed up for a 3 month summer plan for June through August but can already tell you i’m hooked and will be continuing my training there.”

Jerad Belt


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