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Member Spotlight: Jerad

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT:  JERAD Jerad is a new member and also the founder of the Evil Smiley Running Club.  For the past two years, Rothwell MMA has collaborated with his club throughout the Southeast Wisconsin community.  Within only a short time, Jerad became “hooked” on MMA. Jerad says: ” [It] used to be 5 mile runs […]

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Member Spotlight: Sophia

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT:  SOPHIA Sophia was one of our first members at Rothwell MMA and has faithfully attended classes for almost 3 years.  She truly lights up the training room with her smile and laugh.  Everyone enjoys working with Sophia because of her positive and outgoing attitude.  Her hard work and determination earned her a LCCT […]

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Steve W.

Member Spotlight: Steve

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT:  STEVE Steve was chosen for the Member Spotlight because of his dedication to martial arts.  He has attended the Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes regularly for over one year.  Even if he isn’t able to physically participate, Steve attends class to watch and take notes.  Many people would just stay home – but not Steve.  We want […]

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Member Spotlight: Gerstung Family

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT:  GERSTUNG FAMILY The Gerstung family has been with us from the day we opened our doors.  Their experience began with the kids joining Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Soon, they added Kids Kickboxing to their schedule.  Instead of watching from the sidelines, Dad Dave joined Kickboxing and Mom Emily enjoys learning how to defend herself in the Empower Self-Defense class. Some of the family’s favorite aspects […]

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