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Member Spotlight: Anthony

According to Coach James “Anthony is a very determined individual and he is dedicated to learning every aspect of martial arts.  He’s always improving in both the basic classes and during Fight Team sparring.  I can see his BJJ improving after every private session we do together.  On a personal level, Anthony is always very humble […]

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Member Spotlight: Todd & Hannah

Todd and his daughter, Hannah, are a wonderful duo to have in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Coach Gilmar says “it’s important to have them because they drill positions, they roll, they just enjoy Jiu-Jitsu.  This is what Jiu-Jitsu is about.  Family.  I am very excited to see them on the mats together, consistently, over the last year.” Learn […]

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Member Spotlight: Emma

Emma has been at Rothwell MMA for almost a year.  Soon, she will test for her Green Kickboxing belt.  Watching Emma’s transformation into a martial artist has been a fascinating and encouraging journey. She helps other students, practices consistently, cheers at competitions, and even bakes tasty cupcakes for celebrations.  Emma is so sweet and always has an enthusiastic smile on her face.  She is […]

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Member Spotlight: Alli

Member Spotlight: Alli Alli joined Rothwell MMA in April 2014.  She quickly made friends with all the members and adds laughter and fun to the classes.  Alli’s dedication and enthusiasm to martial arts is contagious.  She puts in the extra time and effort to hone her skills, and it shows.  She is a hard-working, optimistic role […]

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Member Spotlight: Mike P.

Member Spotlight: Mike P. Mike is our new featured member.  Everyone loves Mike’s positive attitude and motivating spirit. Here, he tells about his fitness and health journey: “I want to give a very public thank you to my familia ‪at Rothwell MMA.  I haven’t met most of you, but I believe that you are all […]

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