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Member Spotlight on Caleb

Caleb is an exemplary martial artist. Even with a full-time job and other responsibilities, he has been attending Kickboxing class weekly for the past 2 years. Caleb is always friendly and brings a positive attitude to class. He is more than willing to help both lower and higher ranked teammates. Caleb is a great student […]

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Member Spotlight on Dani

Dani is a dedicated martial artist who is continuously improving her Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills. She quickly made friends at Rothwell MMA and always welcomes and assists new students. Dani is often found supporting team members at various competitions, seminars, and events. Dani’s positive & outgoing attitude are contagious! Learn more from the Question and Answer […]

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Member Spotlight on the Honaker Family

The Honaker family has been with us since 2017.  Christian, Xander, and Bella are dedicated martial artists who continue to grow their knowledge and try new techniques. We have seen positive improvements in their attitudes, attentiveness, diligence, and team work skills. Learn more from the Question and Answer session with the Honaker family: Q:  Before […]

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Member Spotlight on Andrew

Andrew has been a Rothwell MMA member since 2012! In that time, he has earned a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is currently working towards his Kickboxing orange belt. Andrew consitently attends class with a positive attitude and enjoys sharing his martial art experience.  He welcomes new students and volunteers to show them the […]

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Member Spotlight: Matt Krajniak

Within the past year, Matt Krajniak has become an integral part of Rothwell MMA!  He progressed to a green belt in Kickboxing and is currently working on his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue belt.  Matt also helps with the fight team and teaches basic techniques to the new members.  Matt inspires everyone in the gym to do […]

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Member Spotlight: Lauren Mackinder

  Lauren has been a Rothwell MMA member for almost 2 years!  She is a dedicated student of Kick Fit and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  While Lauren was in nursing school, she made it a point to regularly attend classes to relieve stress.  She always supports other members at gym events, fight nights, and competed in a […]

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Member Spotlight: Dwight Davis

Dwight has been a Rothwell MMA member for almost 4 years!  He is also a valued member of the community in his service as a police officer.  Dwight enjoys learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other ground fighting techniques.  He excels in Kickboxing class, with his preferred strikes originating from his boxing repertoire.  Dwight’s stand up game […]

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Member Spotlight: Update on Lana & Lindsay

Today, Lana and Lindsay celebrate 2 years of being Rothwell MMA members.  They joined Rothwell MMA together and have a yearly tradition of celebrating their fitness and personal accomplishments.  You can read Lana & Lindsay’s original Member Spoltights here: Lana  &  Lindsay.  We wish Lana and Lindsay many more years of fun, fitness and friendship […]

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Member Spotlight: Gina Mengo

Meet our newest featured member, Gina Mengo!  Gina has been a spunky, energetic member of our Kickboxing program since early 2015.  She is an orange belt, working on her green belt, and is always willing to help teach basics to the newer students.  Gina is part of the Rothwell MMA rec volleyball team and can […]

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Member Spotlight: Mike Vastano

Meet our newest featured member, Mike Vastano! Mike has been a member since 2014 and has become an excellent training partner for everyone at Rothwell MMA!  In addition to being a triathlete, Mike commits a lot of his time to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, and the Rothwell Fight Team.  Learn more about Mike below. Mike’s story […]

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