• Empower yourself with the escape and defensive/offensive techniques needed to prevent someone from harming you.
  • Learn how to effectively defend yourself, even if your assailants are faster and more powerful than you.
  • Protect yourself, your children, and family- when you’re left with no other alternative.
  • Awareness strategies help identify and prevent potential attacks.
  • Basic, effective techniques that are easy to learn.
  • Realistic  solutions that require minimum effort yet gain maximum results.
  • Learn to fight in the street, where there are no rules.
  • Escape techniques, planning an escape/hiding strategy, and preparing necessary supplies.
  • 3 potential situations and solutions taught per class.  Since each situation is unique, multiple variations of each defensive solution are taught.
    • standing, sitting, lying down
    • indoor and outdoor situations
    • walking/jogging
    • driving
    • how to protect your children/infants if you are being attacked
    • during a home invasion, how to “clear” your home for potential attackers
    • and many more
  • Weapon defense and weapon retention.
    • How to use your weapon
    • Create a weapon out of nearby objects
    • How to prevent an attacker from taking and using your weapon against you
  • Defend yourself under conditions of stress, fatigue, and physical impairment.
  • Increase your power, speed, endurance, flexibility, and confidence.
  • Train safely using a variety of protective equipment such as: full body suits, grappling dummies, crash pads, sparring gear, Thai pads, kick shields, heavy bags, focus mitts.
  • Designed for ages 14+.


Designed and taught by law enforcement/FBI/SWAT Team officers and professional mixed martial artists.


No course currently scheduled. Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes are a great way to begin your self-defense training. Private lessons are also available.