Yin Yoga


Do you want to have less pain, better range of motion, or the ability to perform a gogoplata in jiu-jitsu?  Yoga relieves stress while improving flexibility, range of motion, emotional and mental focus and health.  Yoga can also help martial artists move and position themselves easily while maintaining a calm, focused mind.  Class will begin with breath work, followed by slow stretching, and conclude with a relaxing meditation.

Yin Yoga focuses on slow, relaxed, comfortable stretches while you are sitting or lying down. The poses are held from 2-5 minutes to allow for deep stretching and relaxation. This is not a “workout,” so come prepared to let go of your stress. Bring a sweater for the meditation/relaxation portion.

Our instructors can modify any position to accommodate injuries.  No experience is necessary, open to the public.  Try out Kick Fit Elite Saturday from 9:30-11 before relaxing into yoga!


Jennifer Rothwell, CJ Parrone


April / TBD from 11:00 am – 12:15 pm


$5 drop-in rate