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Rothwell Recipes: Spring Salad

ROTHWELL RECIPES SPRING SALAD:    LIGHTEN UP THIS SPRING WITH A FRUITY KALE SALAD Ingredients: 1 cup             Kale 1 cup             Olive Oil 1 cup             Balsalmic Vinegar 1 cup             Juice of an orange 1 handful     Apples, chopped 1 full scoop  Dried Blueberries 1/4                Raisins 5-6                Walnuts Directions: 1.  Combine almond milk/water and spinach in a high-speed blender until fully blended. 2.  Add in all other […]

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Member Spotlight: Mikey V.

Mikey is our new featured member.  Here, he tells about his journey in MMA: “Ever since I was little I used to watch Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).  I would dream about being there one day and always wondered if I would ever get a shot.  When I got a little older I started looking for a […]

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Did you know we have Saturday classes?

SATURDAY CLASSES Did you miss a class during the week? Want to start your weekend off with a bang? Then come to our Saturday classes.  Kick Fit at 9:30 am BJJ Open Roll at 9:30am Kickboxing 10:30am Here is some of the action from Saturday March 14.  We’d love for you to join us next weekend!

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BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU MOUNT WORKSHOP with LCCT BLACK BELT GILMAR FERREIRA BJJ MOUNT WORKSHOP: Learn how to keep control of the mount when your opponent tries to escape. Offensive and defensive mount techniques broken down step by step, with meticulous detail. These advanced techniques require more time and attention than is allotted in regular BJJ classes at […]

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Rothwell Recipes: Shamrock Shake

ROTHWELL RECIPES SHAMROCK SHAKE:     a St. Patrick’s Day favorite, made the Rothwell way. Ingredients: 1 cup             Almond Milk / Water 1 handful     Spinach 1 full scoop  Vanilla Protein, we like Organic Plant Protein Powder, Vanilla Flavor by Garden of Life 1/4                Avocado, pitted 5-6                Medjool Dates, pitted 1/4 tsp.        Pure Peppermint Extract 1/4 tsp.        Vanilla 1 handful     Ice […]

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Member Spotlight: Taylor

qMember Spotlight: Taylor “Initially, walking through the doors of Rothwell I was a bit intimidated and definitely unsure of what I was getting myself into. I was one of the only girls and had very little experience in martial arts. After the trial class, I felt pretty good about my basics and got a chance […]

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