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Picnic, Rothwell MMA Family

Why should I join the Rothwell MMA family?

Why should I join the Rothwell MMA family? Rothwell MMA is a family-friendly, world- class academy, conveniently located on Hwy 50 in Kenosha (exit 77th ave). We offer self-defense and martial arts for the entire family: Kid’s Kickboxing, Kid’s Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu Kickboxing, Kick Fit, Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu Empower Self-Defense, Mixed Martial Arts MMA Competition Team, […]

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Light it up!

Light it up! We’re on the map – or billboard – now!  Jen and Horace are lighting up Kenosha.  Check out our new billboard on the North side of Hwy. 50/75th Street, just west of our gym.  After you check out the billboard, stop by for your free trial class! From Hwy. 50, exit for 77th […]

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Make it count!

 Make it count! This is a short work week at Rothwell MMA, so make every class count.  Class will be held Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday only.  We will be closed Thursday and Friday.  Remember, recovery is a vital aspect of athletic training that shouldn’t be overlooked.  Your body needs time to heal, rebuild, and grow stronger.  Take some […]

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Want to try it for yourself? Free beginner classes are available every week! Register to learn more about Rothwell MMA classes, structure, members & staff. We will help you reach your martial arts, fitness, and healthy lifestyle goals!